Automotive Services

Automotive Services

Automotive services

Physical Digital® provides a wide range of 3D scanning services which are specific to the automotive sector.

At Physical Digital, we have extensive experience in providing 3D metrology services to a broad variety of industry sectors. Since 2005, our 3D scanning expertise has ensured that automotive design, engineering and manufacturing clients have access to world-leading measurement technology, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

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Here, we focus on just three of the specific 3D scanning services we provide for our automotive clients in order to improve and simplify the design process: competitor benchmarking; design studio scanning and reverse engineering. For details of other automotive services, including torsion testing, analysis of weight saving or identification of structural design issues, contact us on 01483 750200.

Competitor benchmarking

The process of benchmarking is  the continuous process of comparing a company’s products with that of its most successful competitors.  For automotive designers, benchmarking is highly beneficial, enabling structured comparison with competitors’ cars. This assists our clients to improve and strengthen their car models, making benchmarking an essential part of the modern automotive design process.

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Physical Digital has perfected a specific automotive benchmarking process that is carried out with GOM ATOS 3D scanning systems. Using GOM’s TRITOP photogrammetry systems, we have designed a complete benchmarking service to our clients which captures as much data as possible in a short timeframe, while maintaining consistency and accuracy. Reference points are placed on and around the vehicle which are captured using a photogrammetry system.  The sensor uses the captured point cloud to calculate its position in 3D space, increasing the potential accuracy of the project.

An additional service we offer is to completely ‘teardown’ the vehicle in order to gain access to and capture data from all areas of the car that are usually hidden by other parts.

Design studio scanning

Physical Digital is invited in at the initial stages of the automotive design by car designers in order to help them transfer a design from paper, to clay, to prototype. Design Studio Scanning is a process beneficial to car manufacturers due to the quality and quantity of data we can provide compared with other methods of measurement.

Once the car clay model has been constructed, Physical Digital uses GOM TRITOP and ATOS 3D scanning systems to scan the models. The captured data is processed into our software and produces highly accurate measurement information which allows the design team to further develop or adapt the design.

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Reference points are placed on the clay model and are picked up by our 3D scanning systems to align each scan globally, and to monitor calibration, movement and lighting conditions. Photogrammetry can be used to scan the exterior and interior and scale design models, and because the reference points are low adhesive and easy to remove, they do not damage the model.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the procedure of creating a virtual model of an existing physical product or component. From the data captured by the optical measurement systems, a 3D CAD model or 2D drawing is generated using specialised software.

Physical Digital’s design engineers offer a full reverse engineering and surfacing service. Surfacing can be carried out by means of NURBS (Non Uniform Rational Basis Spline) which is a rapid method of generating highly accurate Computer Aided Design (CAD) models from scan data. Alternatively, the high class surfacing method of creating superior quality surfaces is by using parametric patches to generate smooth, design intent models.

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Within the automotive industry, reverse engineering enables our clients to simplify and speed up their design processes. Instead of gaining the raw scan data from our highly-accurate 3D scanning systems, our clients receive 3D CAD models that they then import into their own CAD software for analysis and development. They are then able to alter the models themselves or to engage Physical Digital to make any design changes.

We offer a wide range of measurement-related automotive services and have supported projects for the most recent automotive models as well as historic cars. To discuss your automotive project or to request a free quote, call 01483 750200 or contact us.

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