How much does 3D scanning cost?

How much does 3D scanning cost?

How much does 3D scanning cost?

One of the important issues you will need to consider when planning your project is the cost of 3D scanning your part(s).

Factors affecting the cost of scanning

When looking into the cost of 3D scanning, the following factors will affect the price:

  • The size of the object to be scanned (this affects the time taken to scan the object);

  • Complexity of the object – the more details to be captured, the more time it will take;

CGC Dish

We are experienced in large-scale 3D scanning of complex objects

  • Location of the object. Where possible, if the parts can be sent to our facility for 3D scanning either in Woking or the Midlands, this will keep the cost lower than if our engineers visit your site;

  • Number of components to be scanned – we have an automated measurement facility which offers a cost benefit for scanning multiple parts (which could mean ten, a hundred or even thousands of parts). Our in-house design team will design a fixture to enable even faster scanning of these parts than we can achieve manually at a greatly reduced cost per object;

Cog Being 3D Scanned

Time and cost-efficiency savings are achieved with batch inspection 

  • Post processing services. We can provide the raw scan data but if you would like an inspection report or to use our expert in-house design team to reverse engineer a surface model into CAD then this will affect the cost of the quote.

Reverse Engineered Engine1 

Engine 3D scanned and reverse engineered by Physical Digital’s expert team 

Physical Digital® has years of expertise in the 3D scanning and inspection of difficult parts such as turbine blades and multi-part tooling where the use of photogrammetry is needed to ensure that separate parts are accurately aligned. This applies equally to gears, engines and components with complex geometries.

Will 3D scanning help your project? – Yes if…

  • Your components are complex shapes, not simple geometries such as cylinders, cubes etc. Complexity depends on a number of factors including the size and shape of the object and the desired downstream application of the scanning data;

Zethrin Rolling Chassis

3D scanning is vital where there are legacy parts with no CAD 

  • You work with legacy parts which do not have CAD or the CAD you have for the parts is inaccurate;

  • You are concerned about the accuracy, for example the measurements of the component do not match the CAD;

You wish to gain CAD or data for historic preservation and digital archiving;



3D scanning provided data on the last remaining airworthy Battle of Britain Spitfire MkIIa

  • You need to make design alterations to CAD following the production of a prototype;

  • You need to design a component to fit with a part made by another manufacturer.

  • The cost of not using the most accurate 3D scanning systems – failure rate, delays to manufacture, recall of failed parts, inaccurate fit when making parts to interlock with other components, less waste.

Physical Digital – experience and expertise

Physical Digital is the largest, longest-established GOM scanning systems service provider in the UK. GOM (or to give it its full name, Gesellschaft für Optische Messtechnik) is the German manufacturer of measurement systems that are globally recognised as the industry-leading measurement systems.  These systems provide the best, highest accuracy data available.

By contrast with less-reliable, lower-accuracy systems the service may appear more expensive but what you gain from using Physical Digital is versatile data of guaranteed accuracy and traceability, suitable for a wide range of industrial and other applications. Our 3D scanning service provides the best data available from a service provider in the UK, offered quickly and at a higher resolution than using any other system.

 Scanbox At Work

Physical Digital's automated ScanBox 5120 is the time and cost-effective solution for batch inspection

Now Physical Digital is able to offer automated measurement, we provide the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable means of measuring parts, giving confidence and traceability alongside guaranteed accuracy. By reducing the human interaction to an optimum level within the measurement process, we offer increased efficiency, accuracy, repeatability and speed.

When accuracy, repeatability and traceability are crucial for your project, the cost effective option is to use the expertise and experience of Physical Digital’s highly-skilled team using the highest-accuracy 3D scanning system available in the UK.

Call 01483 750200 or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your project.

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