A temperature-controlled environment is essential

A temperature-controlled environment is essential

New and improved facilities at Physical Digital office

Thanks to our recent office move to a much larger facility in Guildford, we have had the freedom to tailor the environment to suit the needs of our growing business. Since moving, we have been able to build a much larger temperature control cell which now houses our ATOS Scanbox for automated measurement, which provides the UK’s only GOM high-resolution measurement service.

As a metrology company, maintaining a temperature-controlled environment for scanning has always been vital.

This precise control of temperature is fundamental for dimensional metrology. We maintain the standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and variation, which is 20° according to the International standard ISO 1. This constant temperature helps to reduce the thermal expansion of materials, therefore ensuring the highest level of accuracy is achieved for our customers.

Automotive Part in ScanBox

Our Engineering Manager, Daniel Lainchbury commented: “Part of the reason for our move was to ensure that we are able to continually meet the needs of our customers. As a company, our growth has meant that we are naturally taking on larger projects and it is essential that the quality and accuracy precision of the data that we deliver for our customers is maintained. We have designed the metrology lab to be optimised for 3D optical measurement using criteria outlined in ISO 17025, by controlling environmental factors that affect measurement uncertainty.”

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