Everyday is different for our new Application Engineer

Everyday is different for our new Application Engineer

"My interest in 3D optical metrology grew as the result of a university lecture"

Prior to joining the company I studied Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes and Brooklands College during my time at university, Physical Digital came in and conducted a lecture about the 3D Optical scanning technology and the applications they use. Following the presentation, I found this field of engineering very interesting and having no previous knowledge of it, actually resulted in me completing my degree final year thesis on the subject of Metrology and basic data capturing using a RaspberryPi motherboard, in an attempt to make a cost-effective way of capturing basic data for students.

During my final year project, I researched how various data capturing systems work, but only looked at them being applied for Motorsport purposes in relation to my degree. Having now been at Physical Digital for two months I can now see the many uses for 3D measurement and the broad spectrum of jobs and applications it applies to.

2 months as an Application Engineer

Since joining the company back in December, I have worked on a wide variety of different jobs and visited many different customer sites, from scanning full and scale size clay models for our automotive customers to using photogrammetry to help capture point data on a satellite dish, all of which have given me a different insight into the individual customer requirements. For the Satellite dish we captured point data across a 3M dish and looked at the surface deviations across the 5 petals to see which petals needed to be shimmed. The point data is compared to the nominal to see how close the actual is to the nominal. After the dish was shimmed the point data was then recaptured, this was then repeated until the petal deviation was within the given tolerance.

 Satellite Example

Another one of our customers needed to machine an aeronautical component that was no longer available to purchase, and required the data from the original part to then get a bespoke one machined. The data we captured was then referred to the original engineering drawings to see if the part had any surface abnormalities or wear.

Since starting I have also travelled to customers for vechicle benchmarking. This process involves capturing full vehicle interior data and either half or full exterior data, as well as using a H-point mannequin to track seat movement and positioning and how the seating positions adhere to the 95th percentile person.

As well as my hands-on traning, I am currently undergoing basic VMR, learning the  parameters of the software and how to operate and control the robot arm mounted scanner. In addition to the scanning and inspection, I have also attended an ‘ATOS Professional- Basic’ and ‘GOM Inspect Professional-Basic’ 3-day training course.  I am very much enjoying the job so far and I am learning something new every day. From day to day each job varies greatly, so there is always new information to learn and new skills to acquire.

If you are interested in joining the Physical Digital Team, we are currently recruiting. See our jobs page for further information. 

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