Physical Digital festive countdown 2017

Physical Digital festive countdown 2017

Physical Digital's Festive Countdown: 

On the first day of Christmas........

DECEMBER 1ST: We begin our countdown with our ONE office move!  After 5 years at our previous office in Woking, Physical Digital moved to a new, larger facility based in Guildford. This move enabled us to relocate our ATOS Scanbox from our base in the Midlands, to our new location.  Read all about our recent office move here:  /news/physical-digital-have-moved!/

DECEMBER 2ND: 2....million photographs! Our photogrammetry measurement system works by capturing high-resolution 2D images. Over the course of this year we estimate we have taken over 2 million photographs for our customers. 

2Nd December


DECEMBER 3RD: 3 TOURING CARS. 2017 saw Physical Digital and West Surrey Racing join forces as Technical Partners and throughout the course of the year have worked together on the measurement and allignment of their 3 BMW touring cars. Read the recent press release about the partnership over 2017: /sponsoring-wsr-in-btcc/press-release-wsr-physical-digital/

3Rd December

DECEMBER 4TH: 4 NEW STAFF MEMBERS! This year we have welcomed 4 new staff members to our team, two new Applications Engineers, a new Design Engineer and a new Office Manager.  Read a 3 month review from Steven, our Design Engineer, who joined the company back in July: /news/steven-reflects-on-his-first-3-months/

DECEMBER 5TH: ISO ACCREDITATION ACHIEVED FOR 5TH YEAR. We are very proud to have been awarded our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for the 5th year in a row. We will be working towards moving to ISO 9001:2015 during 2018, as well as other industry specific accreditations. Read about our recent achievement here: /news/physical-digital-achieve-iso-accreditation/

 QAS Logo For News Article


DECEMBER 6TH: 6......hundred million miles to Jupiter.......Well 601 million miles to be exact, at the farthest point. The PD Team worked on an exciting project earlier in the year in which we scanned a satellite ground station. Read about our 3D scanning services here: /services/3d-scanning-services/

To infinity and beyond!  

DECEMBER 7TH: 7 countries visited. Did you know that Physical Digital have supported international projects for our UK clients, which has seen members of the team travel to 7 countries this year including: USA, New Zealand, Turkey, Germany, China, France, Slovakia. Contact us now to see how we can help support your international project:

Map Image For 6Th

DECEMBER 8TH: 8 BOAT HULLS SCANNED. We have had the pleasure of scanning 8 boat hulls this year, for various customers, some of which we have then reverse engineered. Take a look at an example below: 

8 Boat Hull

DECEMBER 9TH: 9 Motorsport SeriesDuring 2017 we have delivered high-accuracy optical measurement and reverse engineering for customers competing in 9 different motorport series: F1, BTCC, F3, Indy, F4, Formula student, 750 Formula, WRX and Historic. If you have an automotive project you think we can help with, please contact us for a quote. #3Dopticalmeasurement #highaccuracyscanning #reverseengineering 

9 Formula1car



DECEMBER 10TH: 10 BTCC Race weekends! We have excitedly followed the BTCC this year to it's 10 race locations throughout the UK, in support of West Surrey Racing, who we partnered with throughout the 2017 BTCC season.  /sponsoring-wsr-in-btcc/

DECEMBER 11TH: 11'00 LONDON TO SHANGHAI. Our Metrologist, Ben, travelled over 11'000 miles to Shanghai (there and back!) earlier this year to measure for one of our automotive clients. Have a look at how our services could help your Automotive project by taking a look at how we assisted a Formula Student Team: /knowledge-base/formula-student/


DECEMBER 12TH: 12 YEARS RUNNING! Physical Digtial was founded in 2005 by our CEO and MD Tim Rapley. The business has gone from strenth-to-strength ever since. With staff numbers increasing and a move to a larger site in Guildford, we hope 2018 brings another year of successful trading. 

DECEMBER 13TH: 13 events throughout 2017, which includes trade shows and guest lectures. Our team are dedicated to expanding the knowledge of future engineers, so we can often be seen by a lecturn delivering a presentation to universities and organisations. In September this year we attended the Young Persons Conference for the Royal Aeronautical Society, take a look at the article recently published on their website about the event:

DECEMBER 14TH: 14 Satellite dish measurements. We have worked on a number of Satellite dish projects this year, some of which have seen our Engineers in a cherry picker, using photogrammetry for repeat measurement for evaluation of discrete point deformation, as seen in the image below. The non-contact deformation measurement can replace traditional displacement measurement allowing multi-point measurement in full 3D.

Inspection Deformation 399X197 14Th

DECEMBER 15TH: We try to do the notorious office #Christmasjumperday each year, but this time we thought we would do it for a cause, so we are pleased to be joining in with #christmasjumperday today to raise money for @savethechildren. If you would like to donate £5, simply text TEAMP2DME to 70050.



DECEMBER 16TH: 16M Optical Sensor. Physical digital are the only service provider in the UK to offer the highest available 16M sensor for optical metrology, which is highest resolution GOM ATOS Optical sensor in the world. Have a look at what 3D Scanning is and how it can help your project: /knowledge-base/3d-scanning-what-is-it/

DECEMBER 17TH: 17 M Wingspan. This year we were lucky enough to be asked to do a full exterior scan of a King Air 350i aircraft, which has a 17 meter wingspan. Physical Digital® uses the top-of-the-range industrial 3D scanners produced by the German measurement experts GOM. With these systems, Physical Digital offers a fast, accurate, repeatable method for 3D scanning items ranging in size between 5mm and 20metres.

17 Image 2


DECEMBER 18TH: 18...0 Turbine Blades. We have scanned in excess of 180 turbine blades this year. We worked with a client recently on a reverse engineering project using the market leading GOM ATOS III 3D scanning systems to capture and analyse the data and to create a highly accurate model of the parts. Read more about the project here: /knowledge-base/gas-turbine-blades-case-study/

DECEMBER 19TH: 19 years scanning! How time flies when you're having fun……our CEO and MD Tim Rapley has been scanning for 19 years! 

Tim Head And Shoulders

DECEMBER 20TH: 20°C in our temperature control room. This houses our ATOS automated scanner and is maintained at a temperature of 20 degrees for accuracy.  Read more about the temperature controlled environment and why it is vital for the accuracy of our business: /news/a-temperature-controlled-environment-is-essential/

Scanbox Image

DECEMBER 21ST:  Here's an interesting fact for you about the PD Team.....on average we consume 21 cups of coffee a day between our engineers (and this doesn't include tea!) We are proud to have an extremely hardworking and dedicated team, often working long days, so the coffee intake is much needed, and yes - we are most definitely coffee snobs! 


DECEMBER 22ND: 22 COMPETITOR BENCHMARKS. This year we have completed 22 competitor benchmarks for various clients, which usually involves a full vehicle scan. Sensitivity is the name of the game here, but we have been priviledged to have access to some pretty incredible vehicles over the past 12 months! 

DECEMBER 23RD: 23 FIXTURES. As part of the servcies we offer, we are also able to construct fixtures for scanning. It has been a busy year for fixtures, with 23 designed and made for our valued clients!



DECEMBER 24TH: 24 PODIUM FINISHES. To end the countdown on a high, this year our partner West Surrey Racing managed to achieve 24 podium finishes through-out the 2017 BTCC season, with the BMW 125i. We'd say that's worth popping a few corks! 

Podium Image

DECEMBER 25TH: CHRISTMAS DAY! We would like to wish all of our customers and colleagues a very happy Christmas! 

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