3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning Services give precise physical data

Reliable data helps businesses reduce time and save money 

Non-contact 3D scanning is a fast, highly accurate and cost-effective way to collect physical detailed data that allows engineers to design better products, reduce prototyping errors, improve production processes, guarantee quality and build a reputation for excellence.


3D scanning services - flexible and responsive

Our 3D scanning services use the globally-respected GOM scanner measurement system – a system we have been using for over 15 years with great success. Our measurement equipment allows us to scan any object of any size in precise detail, delivering the data in any format you require, so that you can immediately use it to improve your designs and processes for almost any project.

Our 3D scanning services are used for:

  • All engineering and manufacturing sectors
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Medical products
  • Education
  • 3D presentations
  • Art and archaeology
  • Consumer goods
  • Virtual reality and more

The industry leading GOM precision 3D optical mobile scanner uses two high resolution digital cameras as the method of data capture. A stuctured blue light emitting diode (LED) and digital projector passes a fringe pattern across the surface of the object. Using triangulation principles the sensor accurately measures the divergence and convergence of the pattern, creating a high density point cloud of surface measurements.

Cessna Propellor 3D GOM scanning

Images are captured simultaneously by two cameras from different angles using blue light technology.

After the 3D scanning process is complete the software automatically processes the data into a polygon mesh.  This can be inspected directly to a computer aided design (CAD) model, geometry or manufacturing drawings using the GOM Inspection software or reverse engineered using CAD software.

Blue Light Technology

The narrowband blue light enables precise measurements to be carried out independently of environmental lighting conditions.  This function enables the 3D scanners to capture good quality scan data on shiny surfaces. 

FCC External


The scanning systems can be adapted to provide the optimum results depending on the object.  For 3D scanning of larger objects such as aircraft or large yacht hulls, the measuring volume can be expanded for speed of use.  For capturing small objects e.g. edges of small turbine blades or very small injection mouldings, the scanning volume can be reduced for increased resolution.



The ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional software offer the complete scanning and inspection solution.  All measuring data is held in the software so vital information can be recalled at any time such as;

  • Calibration information

  • Measurement temperature

  • Part numbers

  • Lighting or movement changes

  Car Tairdown

Photogrammetry - Optical CMM

The portable 3D system is a versatile optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with a wide range of capabilities.  Highly accurate point measurements can be taken with inspection carried out directly to CAD models, geometry or drawings. The non-contact photogrammetry system utilises a verified DSLR camera to capture information quickly and in a wide range of industrial environments without the need to move equipment and cables around the object, which offers an advantage over many other systems.



The GOM photogrammetry software automatically calculates the 3D coordinates of the measured points, their displacements and deformation and presents the results in an easy to understand and intuitive manner. Furthermore the free results viewer allows easy exchange of data between colleagues, customers and suppliers.


The simple 3D measurement workflow allows a standard methodology to be used leading to fast data capture across a huge range of objects and industry sectors.

  • Optical markers, scale artefacts and adapters are applied onto or around the object to be measured.
  • High resolution images are taken from locations around the object.
  • 2D images are automatically calculated into software and reported to ensure high quality measurement data.

Large Volume Measurement

Physical Digital's 3D scanning services offer multiple GOM photogrammetry systems including the leading large volume  scanning system which is capable of measuring objects up to 20m quickly and accurately. Applications include:

  • Heavy industry inspection.
  • Large Machinery inspection.
  • Industrial alignment and assembly.
  • 3D scanning with very high global accuracy.


Deformation Measurement

Using the Photogrammetry system, repeat measurement can be carried out enabling evaluation of discrete point deformation. This information enables evaluation of components under mechanical and thermal loading in real life conditions on ‘as manufactured’ parts. The non-contact deformation measurement can replace traditional displacement measurement allowing multi-point measurement in full 3D.

 Inspection Deformation

Typical Applications:

  • Climate Chambers
  • Environmental Simulation
  • Gap & Flush measurement size change.
  • Verification of FEA simulations
  • Deformation under loading

To find out how our 3D scanning services carried out by our expert engineers can add value to your business and transform your project, contact us on 01483 750200.

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