Automated Measurement Services

Automated Measurement Services

Automated 3D scanning for fast, more resource-effective measurement

The GOM ATOS ScanBox 5120 offered by Physical Digital® provides the industry-leading non-contact 3D scanning system on a project basis, giving access to world class automated measurement services. Ideal for multi-part and high-volume inspection, our automated measurement service using 3D scanning offers huge advances in process stability and traceability. This is complemented by a vast reduction in measurement time and reduction in part cost for our customers looking for larger batch or production capabilities. View Physical Digital's own Youtube video: ScanBox video 

Automated Inspection

3D scanning offers significant advantages over traditional CMM due to the ability to capture traditional geometry along with high density point cloud which provides vital feedback on freeform and organic features of a component. In recent years the trend towards automated inspection has enabled a greater understanding of manufacturing capabilities.

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Benefits of Automated Measurement Services

Improved Quality

GOM’s optical measurement systems represent the cutting edge of technology and the company has asserted itself as the industry leading system for capability and accuracy.  The ATOS series of industrial optical 3D scanners provide accurate scans with detailed resolution at high speeds. ATOS delivers three-dimensional measurement data and analysis for industrial components. Instead of measuring single points with a CMM or laser, ATOS captures an object's full surface geometry using GOM’s proven Triple Scan and Blue Light Technology.

Accuracy, Precision and Traceability 

Automated measurement services offer huge advantages over manual based measurement due to the precise monitoring of environmental factors, elimination of human errors and the repeatable measurement process. Calibration is handled automatically ensuring high process stability. 

Traceability of the system is provided using a certified probing spacing artefact (PSA) with a known chain of measurements, with associated uncertainties, to a world standard.  

The advantages offered by optical systems is unrivalled compared to alternative measurement systems due to the digital images used for data capture. These images provide a direct validation of the parts measured and can be used to read barcodes and record environmental conditions.

Measurement System Analysis

Giving increased confidence in the automated measurement services and process, Physical Digital is able to provide measurement systems analysis including common industry gauge studies into repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement system, fixture and user. This provides an understanding of the uncertainty within the measurement process for a specific component.

  ATOS Scanbox 282 Fan Blade Large

Fixture Design & Process Optimisation

Physical Digital’s team of dedicated CAD engineers enable design optimisation of fixtures to increase process stability and speed up work flows involved in part preparation, loading and measurement. This service offers significant cost and time savings compared to in-house design of fixtures. 

Benefits of Automated Reporting

Time Savings

The ability to fully automate the inspection process allows for a reduction in the production cycle, offering a quicker time to market with no reduction in quality. Automation minimises the timeframe for production of inspection reports.

Batch Inspection and Trend analysis

Statistical analysis of inspection data can be carried out for larger sample sizes with the ability to understand variation that exists in the component due to the manufacturing process.

Visual Results          

Image of Trend Inspection

Easy to interpret reports are provided in a visual format that allow engineers to demonstrate to non-engineers the results of scanning and inspection.

Embedded Metrology Solutions

Physical Digital offers dimensional analysis of components for medium and long term projects operating inside the manufacturing facility. This solution offers flexibility of measurement along with significant cost reduction for project based inspection. The dedicated site offers GOM’s industry-leading 3D non-contact measurement system to clients on a project basis, providing access to world class optical measurement services.      

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No special infrastructure is required due to the self-contained nature of the measurement cell which reduces time and costs to install high accuracy measurement capabilities into the facility. 

Zero Capital Expenditure

An embedded solution provides the opportunity for companies to utilise the latest metrology equipment without the need for initial capital investment.  Physical Digital offers a project support package that can be effectively managed within project budgets.                                                                                                                                                            

Fully Trained & Accredited Engineers

Physical Digital provides metrology engineers to operate the measurement systems over the life of the project ensuring 100% efficiency from day one.  All engineers undergo thorough technical and competency training accredited by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in dimensional metrology, along with years of metrology experience across many high value manufacturing sectors to enable seamless integration into your working environment. 

For further information and to discuss your automated measurement requirements with our expert team, call 01483 750200 or email

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