Quality Inspection & Analysis

Quality Inspection & Analysis

Base your quality inspection on quality data

When quality control matters, Physical Digital's highly-trained team provides a wide range of industry focused quality inspection. Using the highest accuracy 3D scan data captured using the GOM optical measurement systems, combined with specialist 3D software, we can carry out extensive analysis of parts and components.

Physical Digital is proudly ISO 9001 accredited and specialises in high-accuracy 3D measurement, quality inspection, analysis and reverse engineeringWe offer full quality inspection capabilities with bespoke inspection reports, including multiple alignments, full Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing functionality, parametric updates, trend analysis, inspection sections, curve and 3D and 2D report creation.   

So if you want to inspect a part against its drawings, or conduct a full trend analysis with easy-to-read detailed reports, contact us. Our extensive range of inspection services is listed below: contact us for more details about your project.


Traceability is the ability to define the unbroken chain of events that occurred in order to deliver the inspection result. It is achieved when the exact parameters of the calibration, measurement, geometry and reports can be distinguished, in order to verify the original component back to a validated artefact or standard.

Traceability is important as it creates a chain of custody and liability for the measured part. The GOM optical measurement system and quality inspection software offers unprecedented traceability compared to other methods, such as laser scanners and arm based systems, because all measuring and reporting is carried out within a single piece of software.  

  • Calibration results are stored
  • All measurement information is recorded

  • Part numbers and temperature can be recalled via digital imaging

  • Basic processing and post processing operations are recorded

  • It is a self monitoring system

  • Parametric reporting is offered

  • It is certified by international standards VDI/VDE (2634)


Aerofoil and Vane Analysis 

Full field 3D scanning and measurement of complex geometry can greatly reduce inspection time, compared to the traditional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) methods, with the added benefit of 100% surface measurement. Using the specialist blade inspection module, aerofoil features can be analysed in order to provide advanced feedback on turbine components.

Inspection Elements 

  • Profile mean lines

  • Profile centroid

  • Profile twist

  • Flow inlet/exit angles

  • Chord line (bitangential, axial, max)

  • Stagger angles

  • Camber angles

  • Blade pitch

  • Throat area/sectional distances

Aerofoil Inspection

Quality Inspection: Applications

  • Inspection of ceramic cores
  • Inspection of wax models

  • Analysis of shrinkage and warp

  • Optimisation of processes

  • Control of cooling tunnel systems (EMP)

  • Shape and dimension analysis of cast and forged components

Batch Inspection and Trend Analysis

With 3D scanning, the ability to measure a large sample of components can provide vital insight into manufacturing stability. It gives information on accuracy and repeatability while enabling the understanding of process variations.  The measurement of a single product over time can generate information relating to tooling wear and life prediction, along with the maturation of materials and geometry under applied stresses or temperature.

Using the trend analysis module, Physical Digital can generate easy to interpret statistical data and graphical information, which allows informed business decisions to be taken based on actual results. 


 Batch Inspection



3D and 2D Reports

Using GOM software, Physical Digital® is able to provide easy to interpret, 2D printable information, creating detailed, bespoke inspection reports specific to the industry or customer. 


The GOM optical measurement system uses image mapping technology to enable real life visualisation of quality inspection results.  This advanced feature allows fast interpretation of the data, giving the real life context of the results and enabling non-technical personnel to understand the outcome. This can aid decision making, resulting in improved quality, whilst at the same time reducing project cost and time.

Automated Quality Inspection

Automation of the 3D scanning and measurement process can greatly reduce the time and cost of part inspection, offering increased accuracy and repeatability.  The GOM automated solution provides optimised 3D measurement and reporting capabilities for multiple parts. Using a combination of photogrammetry and optical scanning, components of up to 3 metres can be automatically inspected with resolutions of 0.012 millimetres, for detailed capture of critical features.  This ensures complete process stability and safety.


  Automated Inspection


Data you can depend on

The ability to carry out effective quality inspection relies on the most accurate data. Physical Digital uses the most sophisticated GOM ATOS system in order to capture the results to the high standards that modern manufacturing demands.  The 3D scanning system is currently verified* and used by:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • NASA

  • Airbus

  • Boeing

  • Audi

  • McLaren

  • Ford

  • Hitachi

  • LG Electronics

  • Tata Steel

  • Institute of Forensic Medicine Berne

  • Imperial College London

    (*GOM 2013) 

Professional software analysis

GOM Inspect Professional is process-safe, parametric, traceable evaluation software for dimensional analysis of 3D scan data. The software automatically converts point cloud data into 3D mesh data and offers extensive post-processing functionalities. Quality inspection is performed by comparing scanned data to nominal CAD and analysing false-colour plots, 2D sections or multiple inspection points.  Some of the functions of GOM Inspect Professional include:

  • CAD comparison: surface, sections, points

  • CAD-based geometry generation: lines, planes, circles

  • Spring back analysis

  • Trent/SPC analysis

  • Multiple alignments in one project

  • GD+T analysis

  • First article inspection

  • CAD import: CATIA V4, CATIA V5, PRO/E, IGES, STEP, Parasolid


A free version of GOM Inspect is available for download.  This software includes some of the functions of GOM Inspect Professional and allows for editing and creation of inspection reports.

To bring verifiable accuracy to your quality inspection process, contact us today for a free quote.

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